We were asked to consider a three story residential building in the unique and historic neighborhood of Bogotá called El Bosque Izquierdo. Hilly, labyrinthine streets lined with eclectic, low buildings characterize this neighborhood. There are Colonial mansions next to houses dating to the 1950s as well as low-rise contemporary residential buildings. Due to the distinctive urban and architectural quality of the neighborhood, it has been declared a Historic District which brings with it strict zoning and preservation by-laws.

We have developed a building with dense layout so that all three apartment have some outdoor space. The ground level takes advantage of the yard while the second and third levels share a roof. Consideration was given to orientation, air sealing techniques and natural ventilation for both heating and cooling which will allow the building to consume a fraction of the fossil fuel energy of its neighbors.

Our client also asked that we consider the site for a single family house which we did in the next project, Casa Bosque.